20180521_072338 (Wahine)Seen at Porirua train station, I thought it rather well done.


Waiting, for the OK

20180525_132219 (Waiting for the Ok) (2)

In the lead

20180525_131718 (In the lead)

Not left, nor right

20180518_080039 (Not left nor right)

So, what gives?


Commuters ruminations

20180517_073132 (On consideration)

The queue

20180517_075215 (The queue)

Nutella and feeding Wellingtonians. Free stuff is good, especially if it’s breakfast.


20180516_162952 (Teenagers)

This is as bad as it gets

20180514_080425 (As bad as it gets)

My daily commute has been greatly changed going from Guangzhou, China to Wellington, New Zealand. Quite a difficult background, literally and culturally. The vibe is different, but, I’m not one to complain. No more pushing to get on or off of the trains, people look where they’re going. They even pull a smile when supposed tourists take snapshots. It’s great. This, is as bad as it gets.


It’s just too bright

20180515_072847 (Just too bright)

Over stimulation