Waiting for, which girl?

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He ain’t shy, he’s a barber

tmp_29645-IMG_20151219_170957_HDR-149608867The going rate for a haircut these days. Chat and witty conversation is extra.

Urbane, and rather dusty

Urbane and dusty 1.jpgI began a walk not planning to go to any particular area. All I knew was, that I didn’t want to go to the river again. Been there once and once was enough. So, the general idea for me was to keep it local. As it transpired, it was very local. The net result was that I managed to walk around a huge apartment under construction. I don’t what it’s name will be, but it’s got it’s phone number on it, and they’re all eights. So, for future reference, apartment ‘8’ it is.

Man crosses bridget.jpgThe first stop was what I call, the bridge. It’s essentially the gateway to the marketplace where you can buy anything related to food. Live chickens, vegetables of all kinds, milk, (soy and cow) and meat that’s already been rendered. A tip I’ve learned is that meat bought from the market place doesn’t last that long and it can’t be stored without subsequent spoilage even if has been refrigerated.

Continuing along the urban landscape, I turned left, away from the river that runs through area and into not quite suburbia in a Western sense but, a city scape in a Chinese sense. Shops at the street level with city dwellings on the higher floors. With urban development also comes urban decay.

Further along my trek, I looked overhead to see how people lived. It’s interesting to see how people decorate or use the space they’re given. In this case, a barred window box.

But, with urban sprawl comes shops, and endless fascination with of all things, fruit. and even smartphones I suspect.At the fruit shop.jpgWith city dwelling, comes societal factors of money and jobs. Frequently, you”ll see groups of middle-aged men just sitting around. Odd-job men I’ve been told. They can be contracted out for pittance at a time.ODDJOB.jpgODDJOB

In walking around I find that older buildings are more photographic. It’s like they have acquired a persona just by virtue of being lived in. The clothes, the dirt they accumulate and the disrepair they have gives them all character.

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Finally, in a repeat reference, street barbers seem to be everywhere,while air-raid shelters, common and discrete.
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No short cut, to coolness

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No spectators today, but more of a relaxing sit by the riverside. Hot and humid as it is, short cuts are definitely in.


All eyes on the fringe

All eyes on the fringe.jpgA street hairdresser, what else can go wrong?