A Canton courtyard

Death, and decay

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Spick, and span

IMG_0855 Sweeper boat

There isn’t a culture of tidiness in Asia. Rubbish is often dropped in the street, the people knowing that it is someones job to pick up trash. Cleanliness is a job and a serious one at that. Almost everyday I see a riverine boat tooling up and down the Zhujang river scooping up flotsam and jetsam from the surface of the river. And on the streets too, street cleaners are active and busy tidying away the debris of society.
IMG_0859 Clean and tidy

Lunch, al fresco

IMG_0851 Lunch, al fresco

Lunch in Guangzhou at least, is very much on the fly. Typically bought from one of the numerous food stalls, you eat when you can.

Lets, play

IMG_20180330_160647 (Lets play)

Daycare for young children is frequently done by the grandparents, or in this case, the Grandmothers. Traditionally, the males go out to work while the wives stay at home. In recent years, (especially in Guangzhou) both parents go out to work.

In, and off, the hot seat

IMG_20180316_111507The Cantonese can be an odd bunch. I do, in part, have a Cantonese upbringing and sort of believe it. A long time ago, my Granddad told me not to sit on a chair (any chair) that had been recently vacated. The heat from the previous owner is bad for you. Living in Guangzhou, this is the first I’d seen of it. A custom wooden chair with a liftable wooden seat pan. Just for the next user.
IMG_20180316_121036 (2)

Starry city

IMG_0671Starry city

Secret, smile

IMG_20180309_215009 wonder, if she knows

I think they knew, hence the smiles.


Canton tower, lights up

IMG_0549 Fire, the laser