Autumn festival, mass exidos


Zulus. Thousands of them.”

It certainly feels like a a hoard of people coming towards you. Some of them not looking where they’re going. Still, it’s a bit like a trout swimming up stream, dodging rocks and generally fighting the current the whole way. Because of the sheer mass of people in China, 1.37 billion and counting. Some of which decide to visit their home towns and relative in the one week of Autumn festival, (even more at Lunar new year). I would have preferred to avoid the crowds and stay at home, but, needs must and work sends me to all sorts of places. Thank goodness this time it wasn’t far.IMG_20171006_185628 (2).jpg

IMG_20171006_185712 (2).jpg

The entrance to Guangzhou East station


Faces and vertices, is this English?


Run, Lola, run was in fact the film. The quote that they borrowed was from a the famous German football coach, Sepp Herberger. For more on his coaching career, you can click here. My current state of affairs, is that the English camp is going well, with the current lesson planning being easier than falling off a log, or in my case, making a powerpoint.

What they (the teacher that made up the material) had (illegally) done was photocopy all of the exercises from a book bought in the UK. The only problem is that the preparatory pages that weren’t photocopied were also important. Fortunately the material is easy enough to follow without much explanation.

However in teaching mathematics (yes, everyone had to do it), was in the abstract. Lots of stuff I didn’t know about, but once again was able to comprehend easily enough. Even the students were able to manage since they’d had been taught it before, in Korean.

For example, how many vertices and faces does a sphere have? A cylinder? The cubes and rectangular prisms were easily sorted, but spheres and cyclinders, were challenging. Anyone got an answer?

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After the game is before the game

This is a quote, that fairly precisely describes my situation at the moment. Due to a mis-calculation for doing English camps, I’ve found out that I basically have no time to ‘rest’ at the end of my 6 week stint. One for the local education office, the other for another school, paid. Quite handsomely too I might add. All told well over what I’m paid in a month and basically I’ll earn this and more in about 3 weeks. But at a price of work is no rest. I’ve always considered myself the job as a, well, job. Do it for money, this camp in relative terms makes me a sort of mercenary. Dirty, dangerous jobs, suitable only for a hired guns. My job just became easier when I found out that I’d be teaching the English camps from conversation books or self-made books from the school. Yay.

The title of this blog is a quote from a movie, which is a quote from a person. Can you tell me, which movie and from which person the title of this blog came from?

“Is that the atom bomb, then is it aey? Owww, Nah. Not in that colour, you know what I mean?”

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With an atom bomb in front of their refrigerator, the Young ones try to deal with it, in their own particular way.

Writers Ben Elton, Rik Mayall and Lise Mayer wrote the scripts. Totalling over two seasons only, amongst the facts around the comedy, they based the characters on flatmates they knew while at university.

With additional material from Alexei Sayle, The young ones dealt with issues from Vampires, University challenge, video rental to parties, no money and Cliff Richard. All the while trying to deal with the Balowski family, all of whom were played by Alexei Sayle.

Many of the actors went on to star in later comedies, such as Flithy, Rich and CatflapBottom, The New statesman, Alexei Sayle’s Stuff.  The list goes on.

Mystery quote, sometimes I really wish that I was a fly on the wall

…I suppose, I would too, if I wasn’t one already

An iconic comedy series of the 1980’s, it starred 4 of the possibly most unlikable people in Britain. Can you name that series?

Pineapple lumps, well travelled

Without any research, I would say that Pineapple lumps are unique to New Zealand. In fact, it is one of the few remaining icons in “lollie land” that are left. Just recently Cadburys New Zealand discontinued the sweet lines of Jaffas, Sniffters and Tangy fruits.

Whenever I went to the movies, I always used to prefer Snifters. Ahem, when the movies had an intermission that is.

A lone pineapple lump was found at the bottom of my shopping bag, had survived the trip from New Zealand, Shanghai, South Korea and then onto the void. It has since found a home.

Good-bye lollies.

You a big headliner! A headmaster!

I just realised it’s the first time I seen you without the number two headband. And you know what? You look kind of funny. It’s weird man, I knew something was off. I mean, Your forehead is huge brao! It thought your head was big, but damn!!!

That’s a four times, four times, forehead! That’s what they mean when they say headquarters!

You a big headliner! A headmaster!


Shut up.

Not so much a quote but part of a scene from the Anime in question. It’s the second series in a line. The anime draws from many genres and themes. Some of which are samurai, vendettas and dope smoking.

Can anyone guess the title of this anime?