Shit, what’s that doing there!


Not someone to do things by halves. It had snowed heavily that day, and what turned out to be a massive stroke of bad luck, I fell. The fates it seems have a perverse sense of humour and so, added a twist to the fall; my foot managed to get purchase on the ice the moment I started my plunge into absolute hellish-ness. My leg broke with an audible crack! Without the help of some passing lads, I might have never gotten help. One of them dully called 119 ( what’s the emergency number in your country?) and I waited. In the mean while, I had called Jiang and she slowly made her way to the local superette. One day at the hospital, and one the second day, pins were inserted into two points of my leg. Two breaks, one at the level of the ankle, another on the opposite bone. Nothing by halves? More like quarters. Ouch.

So much time, literally on my arse. Nothing but my tablet to keep insanity from broaching the beaches of my mind. Thus far I’ve read some of the PDF’s from the course I was doing, played Angry birds and a knock-off of Metal slug. In the meantime, I wait.