B-grade actor, made by Corgi toys


I didn’t know that Corgi toys  made cars in this size. At least it was to scale, and you could probably fit four people inside, five in an emergency. I thought this was a one-off. But getting off the train later in Shenyang, they had two of them parked in the foyer sidebyside. They, the cars, do make for compactness an form but what about function? Unlike police cars in the West, where police cars were often bought and built for the chase. But these, I’m not sure what their intended purpose is. Aside from issuing parking tickets,  it doesn’t really lend to any authority. Like any B-grade actor or actress, they do the job, but where’s the (stage) presence?

4 Responses

  1. Swiss Guards got around in them in the Vatican didn’t they when you toured Rome?! The Popemobile looks similar. Not a vehicle Clarkson would test drive on Top Gear 🙂

    OTOH. Milton Keynes (where Jill went to school) is introducing a similar car! http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-31364441

    • Well, yes, and actually it was the Carabineri, and not the Swiss guards. Actually there were none present in the Piazza, so I think that they may have their duties inside of Vatican city. Well, I think both cars mentioned are electric, and, China could well do with self driving cars!

  2. JC…the ‘primary action link’ verbiage is back! Jobs sold you a phone that works funny in China I think 🙂 Pretty cool, Clarkson in Rome with the Carabinieri in a Lotus…due respect, but myself and a Fuzhou taxi driver would beat them on organ delivery requirements. Your nasty looking green Fuzhou taxi circa 2008 -10 resembling something from The Sweeny or Z Cars would be too nimble around the streets! The other JC’s in his usual strife back in London 🙂 http://www.theguardian.com/media/2015/mar/16/bbc-top-gear-jeremy-clarkson-suspension

    • I agree, Chinese taxi drivers are on the level of Grand Turissmo, the Gran prix and even the mini out of The Italian job would get a run for their money. JC has a big mouth, but he’s the kid that just blabs whats on his mind and what everyone else is thinking but is too reserved to say so. He, and the other presenters are what make TG fun to watch.

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