Flashy, but undeveloped

Light dalek.jpgOne of my first reactions to this was, wow! It certainly is an unusual piece of infrastructure to see, and probably the most mobile. Where it was placed, it was


‘controlling’ a straight stretch of road, albeit a busy one. It looked like one of the first efforts to recreate a dalek, only this one wasn’t successful. No dalek ‘bumps’.


4 Responses

  1. I would say the Shenzhen municipal authorities were Balmain Rugby League fans, or Daleks, one and the same! based on that road block. Now Wests in the NRL. I still prefer the inner-Sydney appalling team. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balmain_Tigers

    • Yeah, probably both. Though back in the 90’s The Balmain Tigers were on the top of the league with Mal Mininga in tow. I used to follow Wests, or Magpies as they were back then since they had the same livery as the All Blacks.

      I hear that the ANZACs rugby league test played today.

  2. Don’t rub it in…I bet The Hutt went wild at the result! Much closer League Tests now viz previous decades, I’d guess most of the top NZ kids at League are now scooped up into Aus teams and play on them. Becomes like State of Origin, really its pros v pros rather than an old school contest btw Aus pro league and NZ amateur/semi-pro league.

    • I’m sure most of the Kiwis that watched it, did. Not to stress a point, but, if the Kiwi rugby league team can now win matches against the Aussie league team, then they have truly come of age.

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