When push, comes to custard

Edmonds custard powder.jpgCustard, some people have brains made of it. Mine turns to custard after 24 hours of jet-travel induced non-sleep. But, in this case, I’d bought a packet of Edmonds Custard powder, for make up and consumption later. In hindsight, it was a bit of a dumb move. Where I’m moving to in China, they make egg custard. But this one, is sweet, flavoured with vanilla and is sometimes eaten with ice-cream. As an alternative, I could make it by hand. Nah.

Christmas tradition, ginger cookies, custard and cake

Christmas day, was spent at a fellow native speakers apartment. There was a bunch of us there. Dinner was a stuffed chicken with gravy, mashed pumpkin, mashed potato, steamed broccoli and even some salad chucked in for good measure.

I was able to redeem my Paris Baguette points for a (semi) free cake. It was eaten with home made custard. Yummy. To top it of, we were given a small plate of ginger cookies, with a small chocolate tucked away amongst them. I can sense a tradition when I see it.