Namdae mun, history rising again

After being burnt down in a fire started by some madman in 2008. Namdaemun, after a time, is rising again. Seen from an opening in the side, the base sits renewed albeit with spot markings on their ends. Presummably to aid their proper placement. Logs sit to one side waiting to be used in the reconstruction. Can’t wait to photograph the reconstructed gate.


There’s no snow like new snow

In the background, "Unwanted, unlived, unloved"

It’s always a bit of a thrill to see the first snow of Winter to fall. As I’ve always said, the whiteness of of the blanketing snow hides all that is dirty and ugly.

Big white powder snow falling like so much feather dander from the sky. A huge distraction, pretty to look at, but given a week of it, it becomes a slippery peril to walk on.

Unwanted, unlived, unloved.

The empty buildings, stood incomplete. I think that whom ever contracted the these buildings ran out of money, for whatever reason. These buildings, almost have a soul to them. The empty windows seemed like eyes agape, gazing on forever. The emptiness of this, and the site lends to a feeling of ghosts.

When I went up the tallest building, I was expecting to see someone just on the next floor. Someone had had an inpromptu party on the ground floor of another, empty building. But aisde from that, there were no other signs of occupancy.

A bigger picture.