Vegging-out, The Young ones recalled

20180906_194522 edit (Domestic scenes, mostly vege)

Partly artistic in form but also a very bad homage to the The Young ones. In particular, the episode, ‘boring’. This had a short scene (played with puppets no less) in that a fridge is opened and to which the vegetables start talking to the user. I haven’t had that experience just yet. I don’t think I’m tired or sleepy enough to have that sort of hallucination. When that happens, it may well be time to go food shopping.

Screenshot_2018-09-09 the young ones interesting part 1 of 3 - YouTube

Our house, in the middle of our street

Asan apartments.jpgLife in a concrete box might be an alternative title. But, for now Madness will have to do.  Literally looking on people are living their lives away from work. A woman undressing, two people eating dinner, someone watching TV.  None of that can be seen in the night shot, where, with a tripod I was literally shooting in the dark. So much for one-liners. But I did spy a taped over window from a time last year when a big storm blew through. The advisory was to tape up your windows, a cyclonic Armageddon is neigh!  No such luck. No broken windows, no fallen trees, just a lot of leaves on the ground. Life goes on in the concrete box.

I couldn’t resist using the segment the Madness played on The Young ones, it’s a classic bit of Brit comedy.

“Is that the atom bomb, then is it aey? Owww, Nah. Not in that colour, you know what I mean?”

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With an atom bomb in front of their refrigerator, the Young ones try to deal with it, in their own particular way.

Writers Ben Elton, Rik Mayall and Lise Mayer wrote the scripts. Totalling over two seasons only, amongst the facts around the comedy, they based the characters on flatmates they knew while at university.

With additional material from Alexei Sayle, The young ones dealt with issues from Vampires, University challenge, video rental to parties, no money and Cliff Richard. All the while trying to deal with the Balowski family, all of whom were played by Alexei Sayle.

Many of the actors went on to star in later comedies, such as Flithy, Rich and CatflapBottom, The New statesman, Alexei Sayle’s Stuff.  The list goes on.

Over zealous, but nowhere near the PC

It’s a classic case of idiots in charge. It didn’t work in the Vietnam war when the Americans tried the ‘leader in the sky’ idea. This got a lot soldiers killed. No soldiers here, but a slight feeling of entrenchment by the higher ups. About a month ago there was a managerial veto to activate the password functions on all the PCs here, and at another school. At this school (the one with the musical loo) I get to use two PCs, with different passwords. They even activated the password on the screen saver too. It’s getting to be a real chore since I keep on forgetting the passwords.

My question to the REMFs in the Office of education is, why password everything if there’s no data to protect? Sure the students know not to use our PCs, so if it’s not them were protecting it from, then who?

Another example of over-zealous PC security is the installation of ActiveX controls, ordered, by you know who at the Office of Ed. That is serious, as I was taught not to install any strange ActiveX programmes. Sort of like your mum telling you not talking to strangers.

No-one is getting killed in all of this over-zealousness. But someone could get serverly hurt, not from a stranger who’s trying to steal their precious data, but from me. When I use a keyboard the same way Vivian from the young ones used a cricket bat on Neil in the “Summer holiday” episode. I may have to look for another job if I do that. :O