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Slow post

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A can, but like no other

Cardboard box.jpgThe boxes we had to send were huge. I mean, they weighed more than my daughter who is 20 months old. All told, we managed to send about 75kg through the post. That’s more than I actually weigh. Kimchi box.jpgBut, the most revealing thing seen at the local post office were can specifically designed to package and send Kim-chi. Wow. These were made of tin, and had a re-sealable lid. Obviously the senders and Korea post take this sort of thing seriously. I just love marmite, just as well it comes in 500g jars. In comparison, these can probably take a 2 or 3 kilos of Kim-chi.

Kim-chi, is Koreas’ national food. But since, it’s a product of fermentation, it also can smell if you’re not used to it. Personally, I like my kim-chi aged. It’s more sour but less fiery. The opposite is true for young kim-chi. One conceivable probable with the ‘kim-chi can’ would be that fermentation produces gas. Leave the can long enough unrefrigerated, it can lead to a explosive and smelly broken parcel.