The Paparazi, shooting to kill

He’s a tandem skydiver, and in order to slow down their descent, they swing around horizontally, hence the strange angle. Oh, and I was lying on my back at the time.

Awarded award, faux hubcap

My school was proud me. Enough so, that the Princiapl awarded the hubcap to me, again, in a mock ceremony at a staff meeting.

Al, also got a shot of me. Taking a photo of my award in the hotel room. He was doing it too, so I sort of followed suit. For once the Paparazzi gets photographed.

It’s always a safari, and I shoot to kill

I take photos of the ANZIKs batting. We’d won convincingly and I was packing my bag when David, one of the players made a quip. I grinned in response. At the time, it was a pretty good one –liner.

I’d documented virtually every game the ANZIKs had played and in doing so had been Christened with the name “Paparrazi”.

The reputation of the Paparrazi, especially in Britain is because they take photos worthy of blackmail or scandal. It appears that I’ve been tarred with the same brush as when some of my team mates go for a piss, they look around to see if I’m lurking in the shadows somewhere. Please, a zoom lens makes things closer, not bigger.