It’s just too bright

20180515_072847 (Just too bright)

I. am. cool.

IMG_0901 I am cool

Cool, very cool

It’d be just insane to ride scooter in this weather. Slippery, not to mention cold. All over Okcheon, the place I’m staying at the moment, people everywhere are padded up and just being cool about it. The ice and snow has gotten to be so much that people had to scrap and clean the snow off, just to make moving around easier. I can attest to this. After a few sprains and twists you get used to moving around on snow. Wearing hiking shoes also counts too. But only just today I was berating myself for having forgotten that lots and snow and sun equals glint reflected from the white, white snow. No sunglasses. While on the field trip, having snow fights was too large a temptation. The snow fights with my students resulted in a score of; students 1: teacher 0. I caught a snowball in the eye. Ouch.

The person owning this ‘cool ride’ might have hung up his helmet for the night.