CELTA, CELTA, open sesame!

CELTA in the background

It came as a bit of a surprise when I applied for a job, two in fact, that the same day I’d get a reply.

CELTA was a month long course in English teaching. If it were any longer I’d had lost more hair worrying over it. Every time I’d combed my hand through my hair I’d gotten a strand of hair coming away. Maybe it was  just natural attrition.

Months in preparing for the course, a month in relative purgatory or, “study jail”.

So many ups and downs over my progress on a day-to-day basis, I thought I’d was passing one day, the next day I thought I was failing.

I have been to boot camp, and I have survived. One of the tutors said that doors would open once I’d gotten CELTA. I never realized it’d be that soon.