A mis-shapened stain, it’s just plain paralytic

Not exactly miles of piss-stained corridors but more of a door with a suspicious looking stain. My question is, how did the guy get enough pressure to reach that high? Or did he use a step-ladder instead?

Sinchon is one of the ubiquitous bar districts in Seoul, not unsurprisingly close to the main universities. Observing some of the students in what must be their first time experiencing alcohol of any sort, was sort of fun. Sitting on the steps downstairs of a bar, were two students, one cradling his mate’s head on his knees. Coming back down the stairs again, not two minutes later, we had seen that the inebriated student had been sick. On his mate’s knee, calf and possibly shoe, but mainly on the pavement. Ick. His mate had bought a bottle of water for this instance and was giving his friend the water. Good to see the buddy system in action.

Another scene where two other students were sat outside a 7-11 superette. The taller one had had his fill and was feeling the effects of his bravado. His mate had decided to leave him then, and he being without physical or moral support decided to lie down on the elevated step that lead up to the superette. The girls are even worse, having even less tolerance to alcohol than the boys. Fortunately I’ve never had one of the guys get so drunk as to say that I was handsome. I was standing outside waiting for a friend at the time. Geez. I just stepped aside, and the pair of girls walked upstairs to the bar.

Koreans look ridiculous when they’re drunk, when they should know better. Maybe I’m thinking this because even though New Zealanders get to drink at a younger age, at home, under controlled conditions. The legal drinking age in NZ is more or less the same, at 18 years of age. In my time at Massey university, the Square in Palmerston North there were literally a dozen bars all within walking distance of each other. In Sinchon, they were within stones throw away or less. Literally 2-3 blocks of restaurants and bars. Not once did I see a policeman, police car or paddy wagon in the area. In comparison in New Zealand you’d see regular patrols, just to keep the drunks off the street.

You say either and I say eyether

Drawing cartoons at a high school. I guess the teacher was suitably impressed.

Letters to Felice, Korean style

South Korea’s relation North Korea is troubled, and is often a rocky relationship. I just think that the North is ‘playing hard to get’. Over simplistic, but the North has it’s own ways, and South Korea as a potential suitor, has not yet given up.

To smooth the way, care packages are sent North. How often I’m not exactly sure. But according to statistics found on the BBC website, it’s yearly, measured in thousands of tons of food. That’s a lot even without another statistic to compare it to. Perhaps the total annual rice imports for New Zealand?

The picture, I’m told is part of the package going North to feed the masses. Instead on buying food, the North prefers to buy these and these.

To the casual observer, North Korea is playing hard to get, and at the age of 59, she might be too old to marry, and is heading toward spinstership. South Korea may woo the lady-to-to-be yet. We all live in hope.

Side note: Letters to Felice was a series of love letters written by Franz Kafka. Enagaged twice but never married, he had a troubled character. He died 11 June, 1924.

Biography, Franz Kafka.