Palmerston North, the trigger for laughter

Three years of my life wasted in Palmerston-bloody-North!
Eric, OF, S5 E18

I was cracking up when I heard those lines. Maybe it was also the effects of the Asahi beer I was drinking at the time. I laughed especially hard because I lived there for 5 years while I was a student.

I did my Science degree in Palmerston North, at Massey University. It took me 4 1/2 years to finish. At the end of academic year, the place emptied of students, leaving it a ghost town.

Palmerston North is damp and rainy in the Winter time, hot and dry in the Summer. Once a month on weekends, farm hands come to “the big smoke” to stock up on supplies, get drunk and stare at anything vaguely outside of that’s of their sphere of experience. You can tell who’s a cow-cocky by their gumboots, utes and/or Jap import sports car.

It’s population of boy racers is unmatched, only by Napier in the Hawkes bay. I really don’t know why Palmy has more Boy-racers per capita. Quite possibly it’s the amount of managers they have. I’m sure that there are other places in the world like Palmerston North.

Palmerston North, for all it’s faults, can be a bit boring. I’m not the only one. John Cleese agrees.

Free t-shirt, not completely unwanted

I recently took pictures of the Sixes tournament for the KCA. How could I refuse? I’m the official photographer, so it’d be rude not to go. I received a free t-shirt from the organisers. It’s a little bit like when I was at university and represented Massey university at Fencing, and at one year sports climbing too. I got two t-shirts to wear. Though not of bad quality, not fully appreciated either.

The latest t-shirt has that same feeling, though of more contemporary materials. I should be more grateful. Fully synthetic it’ll be good to wear when I go walking. The cap was not free, but bought on another occassion.

Airport layovers and stop overs, I’m not taking it lying down

When I was a student I went to Christchurch to particpate in the Student games. Massey won the team Épeé competition, and by some miracle I manage to win the beginners climbing comp. There was all of two people.

Flushed with success but with nothing to do, I headed off to the airport four hours early. I can tell you from experience there was bugger all to do. There was an ATM machine to play with, but for some reason, it kept on winning.

My wife has gone off to Incheon airport for a 4am flight back to Shenyang. She’d told me that she would be watching movies that she’d downloaded beforehand. So she’s going to spend the time waiting cuddling up to the power outlet.

But perhaps the star award goes to this guy I’d met on the training course. He’d spent overnight in Seoul station, waiting for the early train to Daejeon. That’s bum central. They didn’t bother him, all they did was play cards. He said that he refused to get a hotel room for just 5 hours.

Given a five hour layover, what would you do?