Super-duper, done in 20 minutes

This has got to be the Rolls-Royce of rice cookers. Essentially a pressure cooker with a pocket calculator strapped to the front for ease of use. It goes with the bali-bali culture, as it can knock out a serving of rice in about 20 minutes. The ‘bowl’ is teflon coated and gasket sealed. It even talks to you; though thankfully it comes with a volume control.

Koreans certainly go all-out when it comes to the cooking of rice. In fact anything you can bung into the bowl, can be cooked. Tonight we even had sam-kye tang. Before this, we used to cook rice in a pot, on the gas range. Now its two taps on the buttons, 20 minutes and viola! Freshly steamed rice, ideal for the rice connoisseur in any Korean family.