Only falling out of your chair is more difficult

P110712001I have to admit that the students have done well so far. The lesson plan was based on TPR, or, total physical respsonse. I had a box of realia for the students to act out a character. An over-sized toy hammer, a fly-swat, a hula-hoop, an empty beer bottle, an old cricket ball and a rubber chicken.

So far, the students have role-played stabbing a monster with a hammer cum crucifixes, lobbed grenades-cricket balls to cries of “fire in the hole!”, flipped burger patties with a fly-swat, stabbed other students with fictitiously broken bottles, and the jewel in the crown: a student giving CPR to a chicken. He was eliciting a paramedic. The only object they found difficult was the hula-hoop. I found myself climbing out of make-believe manholes and playing the lion tamer to invisible lions. Though innovative and witty, this lesson didn’t fit everyone. Using a different mode of input/ output didn’t suit all of the students though. Some of the more bookish students drew a blank, while the more physically inclined students did well. It takes all sorts.