Cough and wheeze, advisory never heeded

Koreans just do not get public notices. Walking up subway stairs, and now ‘cover your cough’. This was seen in Hallym hospital in Pyeongcheon, in the chest clinic area.

Surrounded by old people on all sides, a chorus of coughs rang out like no tomorrow as I sat in the waiting lounge at the clinic. Self-absorbed b*stards. Hospitals bring out the worst in Korean society. Sick people, need caring, not only from the medicos but from their fellow patients. An elderly woman stood reading off the symbols and letters on the eye chart across the room, while people wandered to and fro in front of her. Have some respect is what I muttered, not under my breath. I was disgusted by the behaviour of supposedly mature adults. It was a sad day.

But Koreans will stand up for themselves, even if it’s against their own good. Jiang and I had gone to Yeouido park, next to the Han river. There was some sort of protest rally on, replet with the police in attendance. This was a protest against the raising of student fees that they pay per semester. This is sizable, and in up to 3-4 million won per half year. Ouch. But I say that is what parents are for. There in goes the (long) caption to go with the picture. I can rightly say that all of the attendees at the protest rally, ignored the senior policeman waving the people to stop for the lights. It was the guy behind him urging the rest of the folk on. In every Korean lies a revolutionary.