Faux piping fixed with the blow of a spanner

Not quite up to my elbows in it, but still trying to fix the sink plug. It one of those spring loaded types that the Koreans prefer and it had jammed after I (admittedly) had pressed too hard. I fixed using the spanner to push, meaning hitting rather hard with one of the pincers on the spanner from below. The sink plug now works again.

Looking at the piping below to sink I had fully expected to find u-tube plumbing underneath. What I did find was thin plastic piping, no u-tube at all. No this plastic wasn’t even the PVC type. It had the look and feel of the cheap plastic toys I used play with when I was a kid. The sort that crumpled when looked at too hard.

It didn’t even need a spanner it was ‘hand tight.’ What made it even look flimsier and cheaper was the worn off silvering that was on the piping.

I can be such an engineer sometimes!