Geek bag, obvious and dated

Geek bag 2.jpgGeek bag 1.jpgIn the move to China I’ve thrown out literally kilos of stuff. Less to move, and it moving country makes one heck of a motivating factor for spring cleaning. This particular item is, was, a laptop bag. Bought to accommodate my then laptop, an HP presario X1000. Pockets and compartments everywhere, even one for a PDA which dates the bag back to the early 2000’s. Big, boxy and saving the for the colour, unstylish. It tended to scream geek. In comparison, the Asus bag I got with my past gaming computer is much more stylish. I have no problem being a geek, as I’m often called upon to help out on someone’s laptop.

Tabbed up, teched up to the margins


After dithering over which tablet to buy, I finally settled on this. What clinched the deal was the full sized SD card slot it had. That wasn’t the only thing that was full sized. USB and HDMI ports were also the real-deal.

After years of service, my trusty Dell Axims X5 is taking a graceful retirement, sitting next to my laptop.

Still, breaking in a new piece of technology is all about creating new connections in your brain as it’s all about learning how to use it properly. One caveat about using a touch screen is that they attract a lot of finger prints. Given time the added grease adds to the ‘slip’ to the screen. Grubby, and sometimes useful.