You say either and I say eyether

Drawing cartoons at a high school. I guess the teacher was suitably impressed.

Letters to Felice, Korean style

South Korea’s relation North Korea is troubled, and is often a rocky relationship. I just think that the North is ‘playing hard to get’. Over simplistic, but the North has it’s own ways, and South Korea as a potential suitor, has not yet given up.

To smooth the way, care packages are sent North. How often I’m not exactly sure. But according to statistics found on the BBC website, it’s yearly, measured in thousands of tons of food. That’s a lot even without another statistic to compare it to. Perhaps the total annual rice imports for New Zealand?

The picture, I’m told is part of the package going North to feed the masses. Instead on buying food, the North prefers to buy these and these.

To the casual observer, North Korea is playing hard to get, and at the age of 59, she might be too old to marry, and is heading toward spinstership. South Korea may woo the lady-to-to-be yet. We all live in hope.

Side note: Letters to Felice was a series of love letters written by Franz Kafka. Enagaged twice but never married, he had a troubled character. He died 11 June, 1924.

Biography, Franz Kafka.