“Rusty nails”, all the more scarce

Possibly one of the few caches of Marmite in all of South Korea.  Slavishly taken back from New Zealand on my last trip there, all the more valuable for the shortage of Marmite in New Zealand now. I spread it on toast, and eat it with boiled eggs when we chose to cook them.

On toast it’s the salty-savoury taste which I like. More recently I’ve also spread Philadephia, garlic flavoured cream cheese on on top of the marmite too, as a substitute to using real cheese with marmite.

Marmite has been referred to as tasting like “rusty nails” by advocates and detractors alike. ¬†The detractors are usually Vegemite eaters; the debate for which is better, Marmite or Vegemite? can be read here and here.

Heres to marmite, all credit to CB!

A big, big hat tip goes to my friend CB. CB, inspite of his fierce alligence to Vegemite, brought over a full 1kg of the black stuff. Talk about drug trafficking between countries. He narrowly escaped paying a surcharge in over-weight luggage.

Thanks CB.

Two camps exist. Those that like Marmite, and those that like Vegemite. Neither twain shall cross.

Heres an interesting link on Vegemite, Marmite and what’s in both of them.