This is dizzy stuff! When is an eyefull too much?

A dizzy feeling in my brain, a dull ache, not to mention itchiness and a sensation that my left eyeball doesn’t feel wet enough.

It never fails to be a shock to the system on how different the bedside manners of doctors (here in Asia) are different to the doctors in New Zealand. A definite “chalk and cheese” comparison is the vernacular my Dad would have used. As for the meds, I can rightly guess that it’s some sort of medicated eye drops with some other pills. They could be lollies for no explanation was given. Great! There’s a yellow pill in the concoction! Yum.

Pineapple lumps, well travelled

Without any research, I would say that Pineapple lumps are unique to New Zealand. In fact, it is one of the few remaining icons in “lollie land” that are left. Just recently Cadburys New Zealand discontinued the sweet lines of Jaffas, Sniffters and Tangy fruits.

Whenever I went to the movies, I always used to prefer Snifters. Ahem, when the movies had an intermission that is.

A lone pineapple lump was found at the bottom of my shopping bag, had survived the trip from New Zealand, Shanghai, South Korea and then onto the void. It has since found a home.

Good-bye lollies.