jasetv, unplugged

What’s a laptop without an internet connection? In my case, it’s no laptop at all. Too heavy to carry to NZ, it’d be slightly more than a glorified jukebox. Fortunately it’s the last week of camp, then it’s off to New Zealand for a well earned rest.

So it’s just me in my room at the Yeongwan with nothing but the tele for company. 40 chanels and there’s nothing on. I only wish that I’d taken the Rammstein download with me to listen to. “Du haust” and “Amerika” sounded so interesting. Labelled as being an Industrial band. Without a definition, to me they sound like heavy metal. An Industrial band? It sounds so pretentious.

In the meantime, I’ll try to spend as much time in the PC bang as possible, to ward off boredom.