Death, and decay

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Corner shop, a recipe


Even with the advent of supermarkets, corner shops still manage to get by, selling all sorts of Cantonese specialties such as lap ceung (腊肠).

That reminds me of a quick, one bowl recipe involving lap ceung. Good if you’re sick, the  recipe is for one serving.
Matchstick about 1/2 a lap ceung, add to 3/4 of a bowl of steamed rice. Add a raw egg and light soy sauce to taste. Top with diced spring onion. Mix and enjoy.

Three degrees, not even chilly

3 degrees, not even chilly.jpgThree degrees of separation might be no joke in this case. The subjects in the photo were taken on a recent visit to my ancestral village in Guang-dong. Once introduced they made good photographic subjects and they even smiled for the camera. I didn’t get their names, nor did I ask any of their relationship with the Chang Clan. In fact, all the people in this village have the Chang or Chen surname. Three degrees of separation? Maybe not even that.

Old boy writer, hits the spot

Old boy writer.jpgBegging is not an uncommon activity in China and, I’d seen this old boy before. But, I didn’t make the connection between his doing calligraphy and, him asking for money. He was obviously going about it the right way, as I watched someone search through his wallet for ‘small change’* and put it into the old boy’s collection bucket.

I felt moved. I’d always intended to pay my ‘models’ for the posing they’d done. I gave him some small change too.

* Small change in Guangzhou, usually comes in the form of notes of small denominations as coins are seldom circulated in this province.

Char-su rice, authentic

Char siu, authentic.jpgHow pleasing it was to find out that there was a restaurant just down the road from my home that sold char-siu pork with rice. Coincidently, it was right next to the restaurant that sells wonton soup.

A simple dish, that compared well with what I’d tried in Hong Kong. A ringer , in fact. Though, admittedly, Guang-dong and Hong Kong are right next to each other and they obviously will have dishes in common.