Gaming, Guangzhou style!

Gaming, GZ style 1.jpg

Gaming GZ style 2.jpgJust walking around the city you get an idea of what the locals do when they don’t work. They play, of course. By all means smartphones have their place (mostly with those who have them) but, these games are traditional board games and it seems, are everywhere. I’ve seen Chinese chess being played in the North of China as well as Guang-dong, which is in the south.

On a more personal observation, the game of Mah-jong is also played everywhere but mostly by the elderly. It fills the need and they do have time. I have watched countless rounds being played at my grandfather’s house by my mother, aunts and uncles and also by my great aunts and uncles. A game in that instance played for sixpence a round.

Geek bag, obvious and dated

Geek bag 2.jpgGeek bag 1.jpgIn the move to China I’ve thrown out literally kilos of stuff. Less to move, and it moving country makes one heck of a motivating factor for spring cleaning. This particular item is, was, a laptop bag. Bought to accommodate my then laptop, an HP presario X1000. Pockets and compartments everywhere, even one for a PDA which dates the bag back to the early 2000’s. Big, boxy and saving the for the colour, unstylish. It tended to scream geek. In comparison, the Asus bag I got with my past gaming computer is much more stylish. I have no problem being a geek, as I’m often called upon to help out on someone’s laptop.

Gaming on a stuffed lappie, had no money

When my friend (CB) visited Korea a few weeks ago, the question came up of what computer games I was playing recently. My reply was two games, that he’d sent me when I first came to Korea in 2005.  It’s a long story, but over that medium we actually got to know each other. He actually laughed when I told him. These games a re a bit dated, but classics none the less.

They are subsequently, Command and Conquer: Generals, Zero hour add-on and Return to castle Wolfenstein.

In my defence, I would cite that I was playing them on an aged computer, and the games matched the ability of that laptop. In trying to find a link for the product, all I found were websites for parts; nothing stays new with regards to computers.  It’s only been recently that I’ve bought another laptop. I have no games worthy of the new laptop, for many reasons, one of which being money.

Footnote: Command and Conquer: Generals edition is banned in China. As in the game it portraits China as a war-farring nation.