Nightmare child of a cellphone and a PDA; big, bright and handsome

Samsung Note 2.jpg

I remember when I had a Nokia 3210. It was a GSM phone, and a simple design to boot. Aside from being able to programme your own ringtones, it was a no frills device, and it fit comfortably into the front or back pocket of my Levi’s jeans. About a week ago my wife bought online the Samsung Galaxy note 2. Even with the progress of time and technology, this phone was a step up with what either of us had, an Apple iphone 3GS, and a Samsung sliding phone. The term ‘phablet’ does come to mind as it presents a big, colourful screen, wide and handsome to behold. Going to the other end of the spectrum, my  old Dell Axim X5 (now serving out it’s retirement in my old computer bag) a bonifide PDA, served admirably as an e-reader, movie player, primitive games console and even little black book.

The Note 2 is a combination of all of these, and more. As equally the key selling point is the screen , so does the operating system have a lot to do with usability. Equipped with Samsungs touch wiz, some people hate it, as for me, it’s okay so far. It allows me to surf the Internet while watching a pint sized version of a movie. Overall, I think it’s a good device with no caveats so far.