Impromptu fire drill, timed to precision

This was an all hands evolution, the siren going off at 10.30. I know because I was told, ahead of time that this would be happening. I thought drills were supposed to be spontaneous. This was anything but. To their credit, they were well organised. With fire truck and an ambulance turning out for the drill. They even had a mock casualty rounding out the exercise, a student with his arm in bandages.

I stood to one side, documenting it with my camera that I had bought that day. I learnt a lot about some things about my town, in the void. They have a female firefighter, the first I’ve seen anywhere. The ambulance too, was obviously not a private one, but one attached to the fire station.

The actual ‘fire’ was a pile of leaves set alight, left to smoulder for the time of the fire drill. There were absolutely no flames to be had, just a lot of smoke. The fire was put out with a fire extinguisher, the man taking his role very seriously. He did it correctly, aiming at the base of the fire. The extinguisher was used very liberally.

The principal in all the proceedings, did not venture onto the field at all. He instead preferred to stay on the platform. If the teachers and the students were the family, he played the role of absent father perfectly. Hands off the nitty-gritty bits, while maintaining an omni-presence. Choosing to address the school with a microphone at the end of the exercise; congratulating everyone on their behaviour.

Well done kids, you get a pat on the head.

link 1: Students evacuate the building.
link 2: Go chase an ambulance.
link 3: Putting out the fire.
link 4: The principals speech.