From hard pillows to hard clientele

Having gotten sick of not having any air-conditioning despite having paid for it, I decided to move to a new motel.

Three weeks on the road teaching at an English camp has narrowed my parameters to what is comfortable, over the mid-term. The new digs are actually branded as a motel, is clean and tidy with a bed that strangely bows slightly in he middle and modern decor in the room.
Being in a small town the rental fee is cheap, and I found out after a conversation with the ajumma that runs the place, is payable after the day has elapsed. A pleasant surprise. The motel is atop of a female only sauna, da-bang, general sauna and hair salon. After seeing two burly men take the lift up to my floor, all the evidence fits; I’ve landed in the working area of a flop shop. In a small town such as Okcheon, I think this qualifies as the red light district spot of the town.

Bizarre player, tinny speakers

The most bizarre objects keep on swimming into my radar in Korea. This one was found in a toilet, at the Elementary school I was doing my English camp at.
Equipped with a motion sensor, it plays songs from it’s own speakers. The nation anthem sung by children and a few other tunes flows from it’s speakers that seem even too tinny for the enclosed and tiled room that it occupies. Obviously no expense spared at remodelling this toilet, but not quite the five-star rating as with the loo in an Elementary school in the void, nor did any other public lavy in Okcheon come close to the super loo, also seen in the void.