It’s just too hot, bring on fan death


Sweltering. It’s stinkingly hot where I live. Korea is under a high pressure anti-cyclone at the moment. This might have something to do with what’s known as ‘the rainy season’ here in Korea. If it’s not hot and humid, it’s raining and humid. Fun times. Sadly my landlord refuses to install an air conditioner. This means I have to resort to using a conventional fan on myself during the times I’m at home.

IMG_20120804_132959Never was relief felt more than when I step onto the bus from running down to the bus stop. Torrents of icy, chilly air seem to flow out of the door of the bus and onto the place where I alight.

I’ve also noted that if it wasn’t for the humidity levels it would be much more comfortable. At night I leave the fan on. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve had to direct the wave of air from the fan over my head and upper body. Bucking local superstition while keeping cool. Yay.

Today’s weather in Asan, South Korea.

It can’t be that hot, and things can’t be that bad


Things had gotten so hot, that Miss Lee had to take her own fan everywhere she went, just to keep cool.

Sometimes props and circumstances just combine to make the funniest photographs. Aside from the apparent discomfort from having their photo taken, the woman, by the looks of it was just transporting the fan from A to B.

Look beyond the superficial, death only has four blades and a motor

Koreans verermently believe that if you go to sleep, in a sealed room (windows closed) with an electric fan going, you will die.

It’s then rather odd that I spend most Summers doing just that. The closed windows keep out the mossies, and the fan is to keep me cool. Some mornings I’ve woken up in a sweat. Koreans have erroneously linked the death of a person with his death.
One Summer, there was a spate of deaths, all of them attributed to sleeping with a fan on.

Please. Logically, the individuals who died would have from dehydration, or heat stress, or a number of other culminating factors. Electric fans not inclusive.