Electioneering, for that ‘just so’ look

Elections and electioneering is on again in South Korea. Wednesday is in fact election day (for the Koreans) and, universally seen as an opportune holiday day for all. As to the electioneering, it’s been ajumma-fronted

cheer leading squads, grandstanding from the back of trucks and posters, extolling their promises. Someone taped a strip of election posters outside my apartment. Returning later in the afternoon, I found that someone had taken it off, neatly folded it  placed it folded under the apartment.

As an uneducated eye, the posters all look the same, and compare well to
those modeled by Kim, il-sung or Chairman Mao himself. All they lack are some over exposure in certain primary colours.

Aging slappers feat, Politically crazed Evangelists


The groupies are back, and it seems, soggier than ever.  The weather hasn’t  dampened any enthusiasm. I did see one bunch of groupies being coached along with a whistle like a marching band or cheerleaders. Though short skirts are the fashion this year. I shudder to think how they would look, if these aging slappers should don their daughters attire ala Girls Generation. 

Harraging on every corner

Also similar to last time, are the trucks with a huge billboard of the candidate on it. The truck comes with a podium and even a TV screen in some cases, so that the encumbent-wannabe can tout his line to the pundits. What on earth do the candidates do on the off-season? My guess would be go back to their hibernation chambers and wait for another year. 

For me it’s just been a time to avoid getting a calling card from the groupies. Honestly it’s like the streets have been hit by politically crazed evangelists. Though I do think that the straight out, evangelical types (church goers) are easier to dodge. What’s more some of the stuff they give out, like mini packs of tissues, lollies and sometimes cups of tea, are more useful. I can’t believe this. I’ve just given my vote of preference to a load of God-fearing twits.

Vote for the least desirable, on again

The one time I voted in New Zealand, was about 15 years ago. I’m not anti-establisment, but I just can’t see anyone worth voting for.

This year in Eumseong, they’re having local body elections, again. For some reason, (perhaps anti-corruption?) it’s annual, as in every year.

No groupies this time, or should I say, not yet. But they are handing out name cards. The cards themselves have a mini résumé on the back of the candidate. The cards, are there to sell, no doubt about that.

Vote for me, how bizarre!

Electioneering in Korea is a rather odd combination of raising their respective profile while having absolutely no substance at all. Electees have party faithfull members to stand around on corners to bow at cars. Think of them as groupies from a rock band. The only fault with this analogy is that these groupies are middle aged women with nothing to do but to stand around and …bow at cars. And a message for the pundits? None at all, even foreigners are allowed to vote. Just this once, I’m glad I don’t understand Korean.