Deconstructed and undone

20190509_155928 (End of the line)

Demolitions and erections, life and death of a building

Things often happen very fast in in Korean. Given Koreas ‘go-fast’ culture, everything from buses to trains to taxis. Even the demolitions of buildings in Korea goes fast, if not dangerously fast.

Knocking down a building (especially a single story building) can be done in one day. To do this, they must cut alot of corners to achieve this. Maybe they don’t worry about asbestos as much as the rest of the world.

To have seen a building there when I left early in the morning and to have come back to where it was only to find nothing more than a muddy crater leads to a number of responses. Curiosity and relief.  Or elation. This muddy crater was a house/ super owned by a woman who was just old and difficult.

But this slideshow features the progress of the construction of a 3 storey building. They don’t seem to build them as fast as they knock them down.

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One Bhuddist rite that I did witness was upon demolition, a ceremony to satisfy the ancestors and spirits that had dwelt in the building. Respect, a pigs head and alcohol spread about the place to appease the soon-to-be evicted spirits.