From hard pillows to hard clientele

Having gotten sick of not having any air-conditioning despite having paid for it, I decided to move to a new motel.

Three weeks on the road teaching at an English camp has narrowed my parameters to what is comfortable, over the mid-term. The new digs are actually branded as a motel, is clean and tidy with a bed that strangely bows slightly in he middle and modern decor in the room.
Being in a small town the rental fee is cheap, and I found out after a conversation with the ajumma that runs the place, is payable after the day has elapsed. A pleasant surprise. The motel is atop of a female only sauna, da-bang, general sauna and hair salon. After seeing two burly men take the lift up to my floor, all the evidence fits; I’ve landed in the working area of a flop shop. In a small town such as Okcheon, I think this qualifies as the red light district spot of the town.

Coffee, with cream?

Part of the under belly of Korean culture is the Da Bang. A da Bang is more or less a glorified coffee shop. The prices are inflated because in addtion to the over priced coffee, you get a girl to drink it with, and engage in witty conversation. There’s money to be had, in serving filal piety. I’ve seen girls taking the show ‘on the road’ as they get into cars or small vans to render their service off premises.

Small vans, in an even smaller town, with an aging population. The girls I’ve seen seem to be aging with the population, as an intial impression might lend to young and beautiful.