Taking a closer look

IMG_1805.2 Taking a closer look

Touchy feelly, no more

Interesting and colourfull, but belying it’s colour, it has a serious message. It’s a public message extolling the rights of women in general. Don’t touch my butt, I’m not here to pour drinks for drunken old farts, nor am I here to be ogled at, or to tolerate dirty jokes. Womans’ lib hasn’t reached Korean shores nor, in my opinion, ever will.

The pre-existing culture is definitely male-orientated, but female bosses do exist. The CEO of Pagoda hagwons is a woman, there are female principals.  But in becoming more assertive, is contra to the projected image of the young, umarried woman in the 20-30  age bracket whom the ad is directed at. Put your foot down at the expense of looking tough and going unmarried? Maybe not.

Have you seen my mummy?

lost peopleOr Daddy. Korea in some ways is like America, having lost people. All ages from very young to very old simply go missing. Is this phenomenon the influence of North Korean spys abducting unsuspecting victims or is it just the lack of street signage?