The candyman

The candyman IMG_9196_zps6w64sb3p (2).jpgA confectioner, really. He was really pleased to make a sale and, the sesame treat that my colleague had bought was only 10 kwai. Compare this with the store-bought sweets, and you have a contrast that’s almost night and day.Candy at the supermarketIMG_20160915_112248_zpso7ue62m2.jpg


Too far, too sweet

Too far, too sweet.jpgA trip revealed some interesting differences between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. For one, the range of confectioneries available for those inclined was almost expansive. I say this because after a while one wants a variety. Even though this too, was a 7-11, it had a different offering of snacks. Cadbury’s for one. In particular, Cadbury’s chocolate bars. All I could find was Nut and raisin, and as to other bars, Picnic was another one that I liked. Looking at the photograph that I took, I can just feel my teeth getting cavities just by looking at it too intently.