Spick, and span

IMG_0855 Sweeper boat

There isn’t a culture of tidiness in Asia. Rubbish is often dropped in the street, the people knowing that it is someones job to pick up trash. Cleanliness is a job and a serious one at that. Almost everyday I see a riverine boat tooling up and down the Zhujang river scooping up flotsam and jetsam from the surface of the river. And on the streets too, street cleaners are active and busy tidying away the debris of society.
IMG_0859 Clean and tidy



Weapons grade cleaner, it came in one size

When it comes to cleaning, this powder is weapons grade.  Left in a sink with the exit closed off, this cleaner with a bit of water, will rent the metal surrounds of the sinkhole. I was so pleased to find it on the supermarket shelves again.

Easier to find than Iraq’s nuclear weapons, the granules inside of the container can be dissolved and made up to as strong or as weak as you like. When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, I prefer the cleaner to be as strong it can so as to make light work of it.

With no choice than to buy the bumper pack, I took it off the shelf I was grateful that it had a handle to carry it with.