Red flowers, disco balls

A Christmas tree like no other really. With the help of their mum, my two neices, aged very young, but still old enough to cause a sizable amount of mayhem, put together this Christmas tree. It even comes with its own disco ball.

New Zealand has its own type of Christmas tree, the Pohutukawa. It’s red needled flowers that bloom in December of each year, giving it’s name.


No big boubles, just shiny lights

Christmas is definitely a Western tradition, but it’s gaining recognition here in Korea. Even here in the void.

Merry Christmas everyone. 🙂

A degree and five years, to make Xmas trees

It was neat, it was tidy, but I still though that my after school kids could do better. Some of them actually did. Okay, two of the girls did. While the boys subsequently just wrapped coloured twine around the polystyrene tree.

After spending a whole morning (in between surfing hard on the PC) I decided it needed some  glitter. I did find glitter glue though, which was just as good. Actually, better. Yup, tiny things do please tiny minds.