Had chocolate cravings, but it’s too late for fish bread

An Onyang student High school student eyes up a fish bread

IMG_6514It almost never fails to lure me into buying a bag of pikelety smelling fish bread, or 붕어 빵. I’ve been told quite recently that it’s a food that’s made almost in the Winter months. So much for the idea of treating my after-school students with fish bread. I got some Ghana chocolate for them instead. More recently, Lotte have sold a darker chocolate which suits my tastes perfectly. Most of the chocolate on the market here in Korea is milk chocolate. Unlike the stuff  in New Zealand (as in Cadbury’s) is, though standard chocolate, has more cocoa mass in it than four of the local milk chocolate bars combined. But biting into a fish bread in all it’s pikelety goodness takes a bit of patience; sometimes the fish bread can be too hot to consume and leave it’s after-taste for you to taste the next day.