Cherry spray

20180922_161341 (Cherry blossom spray)

Sunset blossom, cheery

Cherry blossom flash.jpgThe cherry blossoms had finally bloomed and I had dragged my camera out for a shortish bout of photography. Given that the sun was setting I had a little light to play with and also given that it was a stock lens, the result is what you see here. In order to stabilise the camera I lent up against the side of the apartment, so that all I had to worry about was, was the vertical axis to prevent shaking.

‘Get in behind’, leads to luminous photos


Sometimes in photography, it comes down to moments of minutes or even hours. In this case cherry blossoms were the  subject of the photos. Sakura (桜) as they are in Japan or as they are in  South Korea, (벚꽃).  I had been waiting for sometime for the right moment to come up. Actually a concerted effort too, to take my camera gear out and actually shoot some of them in bloom. The one day I’d taken my camera to school and to the university, where I took the photos,  the weather had set an dull grey overcast of cloud.  The one thing I wanted in this shot was the beauty of the cherry blooms that could the luminosity of the setting sun. With this I had a matter of an hour or less; plenty of time. The trees, nor the blossoms weren’t going to disappear. In catching the light on the petals, I really had to place the sun behind the blooms, that meant pointing the camera towards the sun. Then it was a matter of fiddling with the camera settings. The effect as you can see, is rather pleasing.

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