It, keeps you warm

IMG_0262B&W (It keeps you warm)


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Memories of a meal, it was a square table

Memories of a square table.jpgCheap and cheerful was the style, but the food definitely passed the mouth test. The food in Changsha is sort like Canton cuisine with a dash of chilli for those who like it.

It was a good crowd of fellow Natives, with varying ability of chopstick usage. A homely feel with plenty of conversation to throw around. Plates laid out like that sort of reminded me of the meals I used to have at my Grandfather’s every Saturday night in New Zealand.

As a side note, Changsha, Hunan province is the home of Mao Ze Dong. This fact is not left to chance as in the middle of the island on the river a huge bust was erected in his honour.

Electioneering, for that ‘just so’ look

Elections and electioneering is on again in South Korea. Wednesday is in fact election day (for the Koreans) and, universally seen as an opportune holiday day for all. As to the electioneering, it’s been ajumma-fronted

cheer leading squads, grandstanding from the back of trucks and posters, extolling their promises. Someone taped a strip of election posters outside my apartment. Returning later in the afternoon, I found that someone had taken it off, neatly folded it  placed it folded under the apartment.

As an uneducated eye, the posters all look the same, and compare well to
those modeled by Kim, il-sung or Chairman Mao himself. All they lack are some over exposure in certain primary colours.