It, keeps you warm

IMG_0262B&W (It keeps you warm)

Liwan district, graceful

Liwan district is an part of Guangzhou that has been well kept and still has people living in it. Very narrow streets characterize the architecture while, the size of the homes seem to denote another time in Guanghzou’s living past.

Living door-to-door, the streets aren’t very wide.

Ancestor worship and Lunar new year placards adorn the frontage of a home.

The lanes are narrow, but never lonely.

Technology tries to ensnare the homes with it’s black wire.

But there is always a way to escape.

Hooked into the system.

Anachronisms are everywhere.

Everyday life, on display.


The signs of life are everywhere.

People find places for most everything.

Shops are wardrobe sized, cats have sitting room only.

A beer, the backyard and Tootie

Far from the maddening crowd, I enjoyed a beer on my brother’s porch, with only Tootie the cat for company.