Driving test manual, gets the car tart?

Not so much blatant advertising but a flirty book cover for the driving education manual. Theory and mock questions and the other requisite street signs too. Since most of the learners are teenages, the incentives¬†are there. Get your license, get a car tart. For such a weighty document, it serves absolutely of no use at all. Drivers on the road breaking every rule, taxi drivers ignoring red lights, bus drivers doing whatever they want. For me, I’ve stayed away from the drivers seat. Too dangerous. What has four wheels and handles?! Looks ridiculous. Parked where-ever he pleases, it’s parked by the bus stop. I can only imagine a 4 tonne bus hitting it, there wouldn’t be much left at all. (Nothing would send a stronger message than having a bus ride up, and over your ass). Don’t park there! ¬†The police force here must have an incredibly difficult job at times.

Car tart, turn town bike

It looks like GM Daewoo will try to sell anything with wheels. Even two wheels. I’d love to see them try to ‘tart’ these ones up.

Car tart, hatchback slapper

It was one of those numerous trips to Yongsan electronic market. Having found nothing of what I wanted, Ben and I just kicked back to enjoy a beer and to watch the goings on. The “exhibition area” that day was marked out like a ship with life rings, and skinny korean girls were decked out in dishy sailor suits. Even the guys looked like girls, metro-sexual as they were.

Well the good ship ‘Cass’ (a beer label) was untidily organised and went down like it’s namesake; thinly disguised and lacking substance.

What was happening upstairs was being vaguely parallelled by what was happening downstairs. GM-DAEWOO had released a new car, and to herald the new sled, it had been sent with a chick to accompany it. She must have been there on the revolving platform for at least 2 hours. The geek squad were quietly salivating, their zoom lenses must have been near the limit of it’s zoom.