Vic Rattlehead rising, memories of an old jacket

An old piece of clothing can evoke memories of a childhood, or period of your life that has past. Viewing the piece of clothing again, can bring up those memories. I had an old Megadeth t-shirt with the band’s  mascot, Vic Rattlehead rising out of a crater filled with toxic sludge while chem-suited men (who were supposedly dumping the toxic waste) ran head long from the rising menace. I have to say that my cousin got me interested in heavy metal, and that I had to wait ages for the actual t-shirt to come into the the record shop. It was a good sturdy piece of clothing, it held it’s shape even after I was dripping in sweat after fencing all day.

Fast forward 5 years, and I’m at university about to go to Auckland to hang out with my then girlfriend’s sister and her boyfriend. Buying this ski jacket was just simply “keeping up with the Jones”. I grudgingly bought it but hardly wore it. Simply put, I had other clothes to wear.

It wasn’t until I went to South Korea to teach English, and, experience snow and some utterly bitterly cold temperatures that I appreciated it more. In a lot of ways I had gotten used to using and wearing this jacket. As far as Winter clothing went, it was de-rigueur. I even went skiing with it once.  Only then did I find out why skiers wear something akin to  lined waders. The higher waistline helps keep the snow out of your underwear.

It had a lot of pockets, and, being an asthmatic I put my inhalers in my chest pocket My cellphone usually went in there too. The other pockets were filled up nicely with my wallet and sometimes, my gloved hands. Despite multiple washings  at the dry cleaners, it still survived. Overtime, the only thing that really failed was the plastic tag that helped pull the zipper, and also the partially melted polyester filling from contact from drycleaning fluid, it was fine.  I replaced the plastic tag with a zip-tie. Looped it through and cut off at the appropriate length it worked just fine. Just a bit time worn, it had a decent burial, with me depositing it into the second-hand clothing bin out on the kerb, near my apartment. At least it can go on keeping someone else warm.