Memories, and the taste of stone Bibimbap

Memories of bibimbap.jpgNormally, I don’t seek out spicy foods, it makes me itch. So, from this I normally don’t eat Korean traditional foods because so much of it is spiced. However, today all of us were out and decided to fill the gap. A Kim-babap Na-ra hove into view and we choose our meals. I choose a cheese don-cass, while my wife opted for a stone bibimbap. This, once served, had in it a lot of pepper sauce. Stirring it into the rice, mung bean shoots and a lot of other Korean vegetable goodies, it turned into a scarlet red mixture. Still, I ate some. I remember the times I’ve had this type of bibimbap before and I also remembered the crunchiness of the over cooked rice, made so by the hot stone bowl, and, where I’d eaten it was in Jeon-ju. A city famous for it’s good food and of course, bibimbap.  I also ate the kim-chi, which was fresh and some of the oden. All of them spicy and all of them eaten with a swing of water. My only wish was that the kim-chi was aged kim-chi. In my opinion it tastes better, since it has the qualities of being less spicy and more sour because of the fermentation. Still, it was a good meal, cheap, familiar and even a little bit homely.