On the cheap, an evenings entertainment

Just me and the beer and chips, alone in a hotel room. The cricket game is tomorrow.

Car tart, hatchback slapper

It was one of those numerous trips to Yongsan electronic market. Having found nothing of what I wanted, Ben and I just kicked back to enjoy a beer and to watch the goings on. The “exhibition area” that day was marked out like a ship with life rings, and skinny korean girls were decked out in dishy sailor suits. Even the guys looked like girls, metro-sexual as they were.

Well the good ship ‘Cass’ (a beer label) was untidily organised and went down like it’s namesake; thinly disguised and lacking substance.

What was happening upstairs was being vaguely parallelled by what was happening downstairs. GM-DAEWOO had released a new car, and to herald the new sled, it had been sent with a chick to accompany it. She must have been there on the revolving platform for at least 2 hours. The geek squad were quietly salivating, their zoom lenses must have been near the limit of it’s zoom.