Geek bag, obvious and dated

Geek bag 2.jpgGeek bag 1.jpgIn the move to China I’ve thrown out literally kilos of stuff. Less to move, and it moving country makes one heck of a motivating factor for spring cleaning. This particular item is, was, a laptop bag. Bought to accommodate my then laptop, an HP presario X1000. Pockets and compartments everywhere, even one for a PDA which dates the bag back to the early 2000’s. Big, boxy and saving the for the colour, unstylish. It tended to scream geek. In comparison, the Asus bag I got with my past gaming computer is much more stylish. I have no problem being a geek, as I’m often called upon to help out on someone’s laptop.

Old traveller, broke

Old tote bag.jpgIn the process of packing also comes the process of the choice of whether to keep or discard. I found a tote bag of mine stashed away. You might even call it a ‘man bag’, as no woman would ever use it. Utilitarian, with pockets everywhere, it saw a lot of use when I was travelling Korea (but mainly to see my then girlfriend in Suwon). I tricked out the strap with a carabiner (the ladder hook kept on slipping); and climbing twine to make opening and closing the zippers easier.

Looking on it after years of storage it just looked dusty. No, make that mTote bag, open.jpgoldy. Still, in a peke of curiosity I wondered if it was still any good. I pressed the quick release catch on the buckle. It broke (from being so old and also that the cold makes plastic brittle), falling to the floor. Well, no reprieve for this piece of travel gear. In it I found two receipts for nothing else than a harddisk and a Transcend memory stick, a pen and one zip-tie.