Still only software, but, HAL was easier to switch off

Vainly trying to remove some software from a school computer that I use. It’s a legit piece of software, but it’s acting like a piece of spyware, and is vermently resisting removal. It’s an anti-virus programme that was written in Korea. Why so stubborn? Yes, nationalism even goes down to even software. The programme has never detected any viruses or spyware. I installed Microsoft’s security elements, and hey presto! Two trojans, both are removed.

The Korean anti-virus programme is proving difficult to remove, more difficult in fact than when Bowman deactived the HAL 9000 in 2001: A space odessey.

The actual laptop that I use has been used under public domain within the school. No real ownership, so everyman and his dog has installed programmes on it without a second thought for the next user.

No real solutions for the buggy anti-virus programme except that when it does cede, it will sing a Korean rendition of Daisy, and ride off on a carriage built for two. My only hope is that it doesn’t kill all the staff who are in cryostasis, while I try to reenter the school through the airlock without my spacesuit helmet.