Kung-fu, this!

Kungfu.jpgBruce Lee, made this look famous, the man in the yellow jump suit. Now, years later he continues to make an impact on popular culture, the man in the yellow jumpsuit is everywhere!

Kungfu order.jpgFirst off, he’s the front man for a restaurant chain called Kung Fu. I can’t read what the small print says in their advertising but someone in a yellow jumpsuit will Kung-fu your ass if you so much as complain about the food. Which, admittedly is along the same style as the restaurant that I went to in Changsha.

Kungju academy.jpg

The next imitation of Bruce Lee was for an academy. I am unable to read the print but the over notion for the ad is clear: we will kick your homework’s ass for you! Nothing is ever easy, so I guess if the teacher isn’t happy with the output on the homework then he or she gets her butt kicked too.