Canton tower, lights up

IMG_0549 Fire, the laser




Canton tower, puts it on

IMG_0574 (2)

Canton tower is a very versatile building. For the eve of the Lantern festival (the end of Lunar new year), Canton tower had put on a light show. I had played tourist and went up the tower. Scary, expensive, but worth it.

Street photography: making discoveries

IMG_20171231_151903Street photography can be at times, fickle. Some days the ‘take’ yields a lot of pleasing photos, while other days,  just one or none. The key differences might be chances taken, and maybe just luck. But, the problem is, secretly photographing people who don’t want their photo taken.












It does happen at least to me. A friend of mine who is clearly foreign had no problems, whereas I look like a local. A solution when I used my smartphone was, to use the remote feature on my earphones. That’s right, I blend right in holding my smartphone out the front (as if I were taking a selfie), aim and fire away!

A study of disinterest

Into, the zone…

IMG_20171117_114121 A very select crowd (2)

Endless, in it’s fascination


IMG_20171117_183511 (endless fascination)

Distracted walking and now distracted eating. She was dining on her own so, her smartphone made the perfect companion.

One made, everyday

One made everyday.jpg